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  • Welcome to Seven Hundred Fifty

    Hello and welcome to Seven Hundred Fifty. Officially, this is the second iteration of this website, which I’ve now refined to keep it a bit more wine-focused, though it will certainly periodically¬†derail a bit into the “food” and “culture” discussions mentioned in the header.

    My goal for the site is to first and foremost have an opinion on things. Wine (and food and culture) are fun, but nothing is fun when everything you read is simply a pat on the back or regurgitation of what others have already said or pitched, and I say this as a marketing and PR professional. Expect commentary on business news, a point of view on a variety of topics, and probably a few thoughts on a bottle of wine or two, here and there.

    Oh, and the name of the site is simple, it’s the number of milliliters in a standard bottle of wine.